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7736 Graphics Way
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035
Phone: 740-548-6473
Fax: 740-548-5999
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Monday - Friday 10-5, Saturday 9-1

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RNM Pools store at 7736 Graphics Way, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

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RNM Pools - Pool Supplies and Services
Your Pool Partner serving Columbus and North Central Ohio

Vacation at home with your new pool.

Call RNM Pools (740) 548-6473 or drop by our store at 7736 Graphics Way, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035 (Click here for map & directions)

RNM pools installs in-ground, vinyl-lined, superior quality Pacific pools. Click here for sample pools. Pick from a wide section of styles and prices. Make your custom backyard oasis. Let RNM Pools help.

Come in for your FREE Residential Pool Water Analysis Today!

Computerized water testing machine - free for you to test YOUR pool waterUse our computerized water testing system (Alex the Water Wizard) for free. RNM Pools will analyze your pool water for chlorine levels, PH, alkalinity, and hardness. You receive a list of products that are best suited for your pool.

What You Need to Provide for the Analysis

Bring 16-20 oz of pool water to our store. It's that easy. No more guessing what to use in your pool.

RNM Pools is a BioGuard dealer and our store is well stocked with their products as well as Meyco Covers, Buster Crabbe Liner Replacements, and Pacific Inground Liner Replacements.

Example of some of our BioGuard products.

Vacation in Your Own Backyard!